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A collection inspired by the cosy and chic atmosphere of an English tearoom : the shades, patterns and materials come together seamlessly to create a comfortable and private space, a comfortable place to be. Timeless prints, evocative of the vigour of plants and English romance. The choice of tones reinvents the classics with a modern touch to warm the overall look. They create a perfectly harmonious and delicate look, to dress a room with authentic charm, creating a peaceful look.

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Come, let’s get lost, get away, escape. Whether concrete or abstract, vegetation or stones, the labyrinth nourishes all the paths of our imagination. And this season, it also feeds our decors. The ‘labyrinth’ collection chicly borrows this maze of dead ends, wrong turns and paths that lead to nothing and to everything at once. Here, space is distorted: 2D decoration looks three-dimensional, unless it’s the other way around. Here, the right side is upside down and vice versa, stairs lead nowhere, and doors lead everywhere. Here, the patterns are of varying shapes and sizes, sometimes small patterns, sometimes large, sometimes filigree, two-tone or multi-coloured. There’s no turning back: we love to get lost in these illusions of contemporary geometric optics that will suit every room of the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom and especially the lounge and dining room.

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